of the exhibition means:take advantage of different advantages in terms of visibility for your brand:

  • -
    exposure and distributionon site of owninformative and promotional material;-
    possibility of having a desk / spacededicated at the location;-
    participation in the marketing & promotion campaignon sectoral publications and in the press and local media;-
    online visibilityon the website dedicated to the Exhibition and also on other channels (eg social and media-partner portals, according to the level of sponsorship);-
    offline visibility on materialspromotional that will be produced and distributed (varies according to the level of sponsorship) including:-
    Show Catalog(there will be the possibility of being able to buy a page or half a page as welladvertising that will be included in the catalog that will be distributed and sold during the exhibition) -
    Posters / Flyer-
    Posters and bannersthat will be posted in the cityparticipation in
  • inaugural eventwith a number of invitations in relation to the level of sponsorship chosen;to be able to have a certain number of
  • free catalogsin relation to the level of sponsorship chosen;possibility of being able to take advantage of some spaces at the location that will host the exhibition to organize
  • events in parallel(workshop, meeting, cocktail) with the support of professionals.* EXCLUSIVE - NO MORE AVAILABLE